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What we offer is an approach. An approach that will only have added value if applied in the correct way: with the right understanding of what a project is, and what its starting point should be.

A project can be seen as a process. An important aspect of a process is that it needs to be followed through from A to Z, otherwise the process will not produce the added value it’s intended to deliver.

In case of a large scale (re)development project, you are building a community. Whether you have pillars from the past (sense of community, landmarks, lay out, green etc.) or not, you are building a new community (in case of redevelopment you might speak of a renewed community), where people live, work, spend money, interact and should be offered opportunities.

Therefore a (re)development project is not an architectural, sociological, (social) psychological, marketing, economical, landscaping, or urban development  project. It's all of the above, and more.

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